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Pet Therapy Laser Treatment

Klahanie Center Veterinary Hospital is proud to announce our new Therapeutic Healing Laser to speed healing and relieve pain. This is a cutting edge non-invasive, drug-free technology. It is especially helpful for candidates with arthritis, non-healing wounds, infections, post surgery, chronic hotspots, back injuries, and many more conditions. LiteCure, who produces the Companion Therapy Laser, has sold similar units to the many professional sports organizations including the Seattle Seahawks.

The therapy laser reduces inflammation, increases blood flow, and encourages the release of endorphins. In effect, this helps speed up the body's healing process and engages its natural methods of pain reduction.

Here's what our clients have to say about the Companion Therapy Laser:

We were first informed of Companion Laser Therapy when we brought our 10 year old dog in for a check-up. She was always full of energy, whether it was jumping into the back of our SUV or swimming in the ocean. However, we had noticed a shift in her energy. She refused to attempt to get into the car and would hesitate climbing the stairs in our house. She had really started to slow down. Dr. Brar mentioned the benefits of the laser therapy for her. The results have been quite noticeable. Kenzie's playful energy has returned and she is racing up and down the stairs and jumping into the car again. The fun-loving, playful puppy is back! We're so happy to have started the therapy and will continue to use it. Kristen, our technician has been wonderful to work with each session and we're thrilled that Dr. Brar has this option for his patients. Thank you for giving Kenzie her energy and confidence back!

Our dog Otto is no puppy at 16 years old. As he has aged Otto has really slowed down and no longer had the ability to walk as easily as when he was younger. He also just didn't seem as happy as before. Over the last three or four years Otto has been on meds to address arthritis issues, a regimen that seems to not work as well as it once did. Furthermore, Otto also has had several surgeries so going to the doctor is not exactly his favorite thing to do. When the laser therapy was first suggested I was skeptical; I didn't want to put the dog through more procedures unnecessarily and I was not confident that a non-invasive, non-medicinal treatment would work. After hearing from Dr Brar of the potential help this could give Otto, we decided to give the laser therapy a try. At this point in time Otto has completed his first round of treatments and I am glad to report that clearly there are very positive changes. His demeanor is that of a much happier dog and he is able to walk farther more comfortably than before. He is also back to jumping into the front seat of our car, something we thought was over a long time ago! Am I believer in laser therapy now? Absolutely.

For more information about the companion therapy laser, please visit Companion Therapy Laser.

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